Better Things for Mindful Living


WorkingWonders was founded in 2006 by BethAnn Lederer, LEED AP*with the vision of non-toxic products being the norm so everyone would be able to live "sustainably ever after". The company offers a wide variety of better-made products for healthy homes and lifestyles. By better-made, we mean you are able to easily assess the substance of a product along with its form and function.


Better-made has the same meaning as "First, do no harm,  the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors.  It increases the product’s value. WorkingWonders™ is an advocate for adopting the spirit of this oath with respect to how we make home products.


Product companies producing better-made products take care to consider how making a product will impact the health of people and the planet, not just the "health" of their company. Each of these things must be considered equally, with baseline criterion being met by all three.  


Sadly, even now when we have so much knowledge and ability to make our things in better-made ways, a thoughtful process like this is rarer than you might think. 


Too many product makers and people continue to be sickened by toxic chemicals used in making them. We are talking about the normal things we buy for our homes. Things like rugs, bedding, and furniture. As far as our natural resources go, you may have heard about all the efforts being made to get literally tons of toxic consumer products out of the oceans – without a plan to make sure tons more don't get dumped back in.  


WorkingWonders™ believes we can do better – just like we already have with food. There was a time when healthier food wasn't nearly as recognizable or available as it is today. But our country was successful in adding substance back into food. Now, you can find a great selection of better-made food just about anywhere you grocery shop. It is entirely possible to also restore substance to our home and lifestyle products.


To that end, WorkingWonders™ has the plan to, with your support, build an iconic department store for our time. It will be as much a resource where you can get your green living questions answered as a shopping destination where every product is vetted for form, function, and substance.

This iconic department store will be a lighthouse and capture the imagination of everyone who aspires to  "live sustainably ever after."  A place where all of us can shop for a better future.


             Have It All!

  1. Form –You like the way it looks. Check.
  2. Function – It does what it's supposed to do. Check.   
  3. Sustainability – It was made in environmentally and socially responsible ways. Check.

*BethAnn Lederer, LEED AP — Founder & CEO

Named one of the country's Top 10 Most Sustainable CEOs by Triple Pundit, BethAnn turned a career in healthcare into a forward-thinking business after she embarked on an eco-friendly renovation of her own home. Since founding WorkingWonders in 2006, BethAnn's mission has been to connect the dots of retail culture and consumerism with those of health and sustainability. Her product sourcing and design work are specifically targeted at improving the quality of life by improving indoor air quality and reducing negative human-induced impacts on the environment. Today she holds the vision for a flagship WorkingWonders destination that would be the ultimate shopping experience for creating healthy sustainable American homes and lifestyles.