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Austin Air Health Mate
Austin Air Health Mate
Austin Air Standard HealthMate Portable Air Cleaner - Sandstone
Austin Air Standard HealthMate Portable Air Cleaner - Black

Austin Air Standard HealthMate Air Cleaner

  • green-guide-icon-7a.pngThis company protects the safety, health and well-being of its workers, consumers, and community, while providing fair compensation to all workers, and/or taking responsibility for the environmental, social and health impacts of its operations.
  • green-guide-icon-3a.png This product uses natural or minimally processed, non-hazardous materials that do not release pollutants or ozone-depleting gases, and/or removes indoor pollutants, and/or blocks the introduction, development or spread of contaminants.
  • green-guide-icon-8a.png The location where this product is extracted, processed and manufactured may make it eligible for being used in a project seeking USGBC LEED certification (as a nationally recognized green building or interior). Alternatively, it may represent a country or community which you would like to support.

✔   Original and Most Popular Austin Air Purifier. Highly rated as one of the best room air purifiers, the Standard HealthMate provides protection from a wide variety of indoor pollutants.

✔   Ideal for individuals or families with slight sensitivities to airborne particles, chemicals, and gases. Lessens nighttime allergies and asthma attacks and promotes sounder sleep.

✔   Use CODE: "Spring10" and receive 10% Off through May 30, 2020.

✔  5-Year Mechanical Warranty / 5-Year Pro-rated Filter Warranty.

✔  Free and Fast Shipping / 30-Day, No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. Buy Now.  


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