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Eangee Crab Colorful Wall Decor
Eangee Crab Colorful Wall Decor

Eangee Crab Colorful Wall Decor Medium

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This piece of art is influenced not only by nature but also by different cultures of the world. The frame of the piece is an Emerald Crab, which is commonly found in tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea. The colors and swirls painted onto the crab are commonly seen in those reefs among the different plants and animals that reside there. The style in which the crab is painted represents an artistic style commonly seen in the Caribbean. The artist also creates slight contrasts between the body of the crab using capiz oyster shells and the matted outer legs and pinchers. The body will reflect light making it seem bolder. All the components come together creating a fun and global piece.

  • Product Features
  • Dimensions: 19 inches long x 2 inches wide x 15 inches high

  • Our products are produced in the Philippines, a country that is fast-growing, and progressive in ensuring workers' rights. It is also a country where many companies are run by women and their entrepreneurial efforts are encouraged.
  • Construction:
    The basic frame of this piece is created using tin, which is powder-coated with a black finish. The frame is reinforced using tin wire along the inner edge. The front of the body is adorned with capiz. Capiz is an oyster shell and the primary purpose of the oyster is as a source of food. However, the by-product, the shell, can be used for decoration. Due to it being a natural material, the natural colors of the capiz may come through as tans and browns underneath the hand-painted surface.

  • The handcrafted touch of artisan skill creates variations in color, size, and design. If buying two of the same items, slight differences should be expected. Note: Color discrepancies may occur between this product and your computer screen.


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