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Eangee Red Eyed Tree Frog
Eangee Red Eyed Tree Frog

Eangee Red Eyed Tree Frog Wall Decor

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Red-eyed tree frogs are one of the most iconic tree frogs in the world. They are considered to be the unofficial ambassador to anything related to rain forests. The frogs are known for their big red eyes. Those large eyes are important for this nocturnal creature to navigate at night as it hunts its prey. Another adaptive feature is its large suction-cupped feet, allowing it to get just about anywhere. During the day the red-eyed tree frog pulls its body tightly together, making it look just like any other leaf in the forest. The artist uses a capiz shell to mimic the reflective nature of the red-eyed tree frog. The artist doesn't deviate from nature by carefully painting this sculpture to match the real animal.


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