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Earth Weave Carpet, McKinley Style, $6.33 to $6.75 Per S.F., Based on Total Yardage

  • green-guide-icon-5a.pngThis company reduces the impact of production by using recycled/recyclable, non-hazardous materials, and/or reducing or eliminating solid, liquid or gaseous waste, and/or reducing or eliminating worker exposure to hazardous materials.
  • green-guide-icon-2a.png This product uses recycled, rapidly renewable, or certified sustainable materials, and/or reduces material usage overall, and/or increasing product durability and lifespan.
  • green-guide-icon-3a.png This product uses natural or minimally processed, non-hazardous materials that do not release pollutants or ozone-depleting gases, and/or removes indoor pollutants, and/or blocks the introduction, development or spread of contaminants.
  • green-guide-icon-8a.png The location where this product is extracted, processed and manufactured may make it eligible for being used in a project seeking USGBC LEED certification (as a nationally recognized green building or interior). Alternatively, it may represent a country or community which you would like to support.
  • green-guide-icon-1a.png This product contains a large proportion of recycled and/or bio-based material which reduces or eliminates hazardous gaseous, liquid or solid waste.

✔ The most popular Earth Weave carpet style, McKinley goes with any kind of home décor

✔ Muted Elegance, McKinley natural wool carpet is perfect for a living or family room, bedroom, or the nursery

✔ 100% Natural Wool Carpet Face / 44oz Wool Weight

✔ 5-Year Earth Weave Manufacturer's Defect Warranty

✔ Ask about Free Shipping


What Our Customers Are Saying

"My Husband and I want to thank BethAnn and WorkingWonders for helping with our recent order of large area rugs for our new home. We needed fairly specific sizes, and were looking for just the right color. We also wanted clean and safe carpet that we would be happy to see our 15 month old son playing on. We found exactly what we were looking for, and we couldn't have asked for anyone more professional or pleasant to work with than BethAnn. We felt confident through the whole ordering/shipping process. We had all of our questions answered, and she kept us up to date on progress all along! Our wonderful woolly carpet dreams came true! Thank you, and we look forward to working with you again soon! "

Krista l N. Virginia